Condition Monitoring Devices

Powerful diagnostic tools - including handheld devices and online systems – help monitor bearing condition, lubrication quality and machine vibration to increase uptime and maintenance efficiency

  • Designed to detect potential bearing failure before it occurs
  • Periodic or continuous monitoring increases productivity, safety and peace of mind

Online Intelligence System

Sophisticated monitoring platform adjusts measurement parameters to meet current conditions – no matter how extreme – and still handle fluctuations with precision

  • Delivers reliable, actionable data
  • Powerful signal processor and intelligent software mean fast, accurate measurements
  • Handles signals between multiple units and databases

Encoders And Sensors

Precisely control movement in rotary equipment, from industrial, medical and robotic applications to off-highway and automotive products

  • Sustain high vibration, shock and operating temperatures up to 135° C (275° F)
  • Patented, customized products – with tens of millions currently in the marketplace – feature higher accuracy and reliability than traditional solutions

Coatings And Engineered Surfaces

Innovative selection of hard coatings and topographical modifications for individual or combined use help boost the performance of precision components in difficult applications

  • Helps enhance performance and reliability in equipment with marginal lubrication or in high-debris environments
  • Supports increased system durability and reduced warranty costs