A variety of types and material options provide resistance to extreme temperatures, pressure, debris and most chemicals

  • Contact and non-contact designs suit any application- with excellent sealing capability
  • Durable materials offer long seal life and minimize maintenance
  • Secondary seals, covers and end caps provide extra protection


Easy to install and require no lubrication, with a life span that matches the rotating equipment to help keep overall cost of ownership low

  • Transmit the same or more torque than a gear, grid, chain or other elastomeric coupling with similar dimensions
  • Easy to replace coupling insert without moving hubs – maintenance takes minutes
  • Sized to fit virtually all needs, with multiple hub and shaft combinations for easy mounting

Roller Chain

Manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI standards and excel in tough, high-performance applications

  • Wide-waisted link plates help improve stress distribution for better performance
  • Precision hole quality increases working load and pain retention
  • Can withstand shock loads up to 50% of minimum ultimate tensile strength without premature elongation.

Lubricants and Lubrication System

Using a choice of lubricants, delivery systems dispense precise amounts of lubricants in virtually any application, from simple, single-point needs to multi-point or progressive systems

  • High-performance additives optimize consistent operation under high-temperature, high-wear and wet conditions
  • Patented chain lubrication systems inject oil where it’s needed for reduced wear and longer life