Precision MMV Series Ball Bearings

Ideal for ultra-high speed application requiring both tight tolerances and super-fine surface finishes

  • Meet the highest industry standards – including ABEC 9 – in tolerance level
  • Deliver higher yields and lower costs
  • High-performance cage designs allow for superior operation at high speeds

Precision MV Series Ball Bearings

Effective control of machine tools spindles and other demanding applications, with precision up to 1 million dN

  • Low vibration and heat generation for smooth operation and low noise
  • Tolerances and uniformity exceed industry standards for superior dimensional and running accuracy

Precision Ball Screw Support Bearings

Feature ABEC 9/ISO P2 axial running tolerances to reduce runout and deliver the highest accuracy possible for tool positioning and repeatability

  • Provides preload tolerances that are among the tightest in the industry
  • Cage design permits additional balls for higher load capacity
  • Flanged and nonflanged options simplify installation

Precision Tapered Roller Bearings

Superior accuracy and control with rigorous manufacturing processes that helps deliver reliable performance – every time

  • Tighter manufacturing specifications resulting in greater rotational accuracy
  • Reduced tolerances on bore and outside diameter improve performance
  • High load-carrying capacity helps enhance fatigue life

Precision Crossed Roller Bearings

Combine the compactness of a single-row bearing with the stability of a two-row bearing for high rotational accuracy and rigidity in a space-saving design

  • Withstands high overturning moments
  • Ideal as a table bearing for machine tools, including vertical boring and grinding machines
  • Unique design delivers lower operating temperatures and high-speed performance